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Singing songs is one of the expressions of an instinctive urge within almost all the creatures in the world. Man has learned to sing even before he could use language. The history of music in India dates back to two thousands twenty three years before Christ. Indian music thus may be called as the father of all kinds of music in the world. We have the obligation to this great heritage of our country. Thus music is worth cultivating with all sincerity. Music as a curriculum In our college is aimed at universalizing certain methods of learning & understanding music through some classified stages. A person can definitely aspire to be a musician if he has perseverance, sense of dedication to studies and potentially. In our college we have found lots of student, who have made a mark in the field of music. Being attracted to this potentially of students coming from Kharagpur town as well as from neighboring areas we introduced studies in music (gen) with due affiliation from Vidyasagar University from the session 2007 – 08 . This department has been enriched by excellent faculty, sufficient musical instruments and books along with adequate infrastructure. The budding musicians will find excellent scope to become an artist in future from music     Classes. Such artists imbibed with the divine spirit of music can generate ethical,

Spiritual human values of truth, good & beauty in the minds of other people and thus can contribute immensely to the growth of humanity as a whole. Students passing with music can be professionals in their future career. They can think of pursuing studies in Master’s level in different Universities. They can find assignment as teachers in schools, colleges & Universities.

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