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The Department of Mathematics

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Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, relation, changes, various topics of pattern, form & entity. Mathematician seeks out patterns and other qualitative dimensions whether dealing with numbers, space, natural science, computers, imazinary, abstractions or other entities through establishment of truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen axioms and definations. Today, Mathematics is used throughtout the world as an essential tool in many fields including natural science, engineering, medicine & social sciences such as economics & psychology.

The department of Mathematics started in the year 1959 and the Honours course was introduced in 1964.

Many distinguished scholars taught in this department in the past, and turned out meritorious scholars who are presently well – placed in Universities and various government departments.

The teachers of our department attend the seminars in different universities and colleges. We also organize seminars in the colleges to make the students of the department to be aware of the latest development in the field of Mathematics.

The results in both part – I and part – II Examinations are encouraging. The percentage of successful Honours candidates is 90 and above with 2/3 first classes every year. Some of the teachers have the distinction of working as research scholar in Vidyasagar University, Midnapore and some again have records of publication of papers in different national and international journals.

Some teachers of the department have distinction of involvements in research & project work, post graduate level teaching and high level administrative works in the sphere of higher Education.

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BSc. Mathematics Honours

The intake capacity of Mathematics Honours is 105.  The general or subsidiary subjects are Physics, Chemistry (b) Physics, Computer Science (c) Economics, Political science, Philosophy (any two) [any one group]. It takes 3 years to complete the course. Part – I at the end of 1st Academic year,  Part – II at the end of 2nd Academic year and Part – III at the end of 3rd Academic year. Total of 800 marks in honours subjects, 600 in general papers and 150 in compulsory papers.  The admission details for can be viewed in this link. 

B. Sc. General (Pure Science)

The subjects of B. Sc. General (Pure Science) are (a) Mathematics, physics, Chemistry (b) Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science (c) Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science (d) Mathematics, Economics, Geography, History/ Sociology/ Economics. Part – I at the end of 1st Academic year,  Part – II at the end of 2nd Academic year and Part – III at the end of 3rd Academic year. Regarding marks total of 300 marks in Part-I, 600 marks in Part-II and 450 in part-III of which 150 are from compulsory subjects. The admission details can be viewed in this link. 

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