The College boasts of a big library with a large collection of Books in all the subjects taught. The stock is regularly replenished with new publication every year. There is a spacious reading room which can accommodate more than fifty readers at a time. The library has two sections – General section and Seminar Library Section. Books are issued on production of library card if the Library card is lost, Rs. 5/ – (five) is charged for the issue of a fresh card. Loss of card is to be immediately reported to the Librarian. If the Library sustains loss of books due to non – reporting or due to the negligence of students, the loss must be made good by the student concerned. Silence in the Library is imperative. Steps are ahead to computerize the full functions of library including students general access to the computerized catalogue. Of late the seminar library system has been revived and is being controlled and managed by the faculties of the respective departments.




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