Dr. Bidyut Samanta

DR. Bidyut Samanta


Department Physics
Phone No. +91-3222 225920
Email Id bidyut_pbc@yahoo.in
Qualification M.Tech, PhD
Teaching Experience 20 years
Publications Research papers published:

  1. Anomalous photovoltage in Cd80Zn0.20Te thin films, B.Samanta et al, Journal of Applied Physics, vol.75(1994) p.2733
  2. Optical properties of Cd80Zn0.20Te thin films, B.samanta et al , Indian Journal of pure and Applied Physics, vol.32 (1994) p.62
  3. Microstructural features of Cd80Zn0.20Te thin films studied by x-ray diffraction and electron microscopy, B.Samanta et al , Bulletin of Material Science, vol.18(1995) p.81
  4. Study of microstructural and optical properties of Cd1-xZnxTe thin films , B.Samanta et al , Vacuum. vol.46(1995) p.739
  5. Anomalous photovoltage in

Cd0.25Zn0.75Te thin films, B.Samanta et al , Journal of Physics D: Appllied Physics, vol.29(1996)p.188

  1. Electrical characterization of air oxidised CdSe thin films prepared by thermal evaporation, B.Samanta et al , Semiconductor Science & Technology, vol. 11 (1996) p.548
  2. Role of buffer layer at the interface on the stabilized efficiency of a-Si solar cells , Solar Energy materials and Solar Cells, Vol.46 (1997) p.233
  3. Design, fabrication and preliminary characterization of Ti:LiNbO3 directional coupler switch, B.Samanta et al , Defence Science Journal vol.52 (2002) p.201
  4. Determination of Refractive Index Profile and Mode Index from the Measured Mode Profile of Single-Mode LiNbO3-Diffused Waveguides, B.samanta et al , Fibre and Integrated Optics, vol.31 (2012) p.1-10
  5. Theoretical Estimation of Refractive Index of Continuous Wave UV Induced Waveguide in LiNbO3 Considering Temperature Dependent Absorption Coefficient, B.Samanta et al , Journal of LightWave Technology vol.31, No.16(2013) p.2728
  6. Determination of Temperature profile of continuous Wave Ultraviolet Laser Induced LiNbO3 Waveguide , B.samanta et al , Journal of Physical Science, vol. 16 (2012) p.197
  7. Comparison of calculated and measured refractive index profiles of continuous wave ultraviolet written waveguides in LiNbO3 and its analysis by effective index based matrix method, B.Samanta et al , Journal of Applied Physics  vol.117(2015)
Administrative Position Head of the Instituion