Dr Subhra Mishra

Dr Subhra Mishra

Associate Professor

Department Chemistry
Phone No. +91 94747 51733
Email Id Subhra_apd@yahoo.com
Qualification M Sc, Ph D.
Teaching Experience 16 years
Project PI or Co PI Worked as a PI in two UGC sanctioned MRP
Research Experience and Area Worked at Department of Biotechnology, IIT, Kharagpur, as a Junior Research Fellow (DBT, New Delhi) for two years (from 18.01.2001 to 31.03.2003).

Then worked at the same unit as a Senior Research Fellow (CSIR, New Delhi) and continued as external research scholar in the same till February, 2006. From 2010 to 2015, worked as a supervisor of two UGC sanctioned Minor Research Projects.

Research Area: Structural Biochemistry

National:Five + Two(in proceedings)

1.Mishra, S S., Mishra S., Samanta, T. K. (2011). Educational awareness among Tribes residing in rural areas of PaschimMedinipur. Sikshachintan, (5). 151-163.

2.Mishra, S., Roy, P. B. (2012). Physico-chemical properties of soil at Majherdabari area of Jalpaiguri district, West bengal. Review Of Research. 1(5), 1-4. ISSN: 0973-5461.

3. Mishra, S. (2012). Characterization of Protein Interfaces to Infer Protein-Protein Interaction. Research Journal of Chemical Sciences. 2(7), 36-40. ISSN: 2249-894X.

4.Mishra, S. (2014). Comparative studies of physico chemical properties of soil in the tea and non tea belt area of Alipurduar district, West Bengal. Research Journal Of Pure Science, 1(2), 65-70. ISSN: 2348-5361.

5.Mishra S (2017). Seasonal Variation of Physico-chemical Properties of water bodies in Totopara, West Bengal, India, Indian Journal of Ecology, 44(Special Issue 5), 574-577.ISSN: 0304-5250.


Paper in the proceedings:

1. Mishra S (2007) Docking: A proteomic tool to identify Protein-protein interaction. Vol 1, 63-71.ISBN: 978-93-82623-51-9.

2. Mishra S (2018) Study of Physico-chemical properties of water bodies in Totopara, West Bengal. Environment, Ecology and Humans: Challenges and Contestations. 116-123. ISBN: 978-93-82549-55-0



International: (Four)

1. Mishra, S., Mazumdar, P. A., Dey, J & Das, A.K. (2003). Molecular modeling of RecX reveals its mode of interaction with RecA. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 312 (3), 615-622. ISSN: 0006-291X.

2. Mishra, S. (2011). Biochemical intrusion–A threat on physical environment. International Referred Reseach Journal, II (16), 65-67. ISSN: 0975-3486.

3. Mishra, S. (2014). In silico screening of RecA-RecX docked complexes and their interfacial site determination. Journal of Advanced Bioinformatics Applications and Research. 5(2), 72-77. ISSN: 0976-2604. Online ISSN 2278-6007.

4. Mishra S (2015).  Biochemical characterization of RecX and its mode of interaction with RecA in E. Coli. Integrated Journal of British, 2(1). 8-12. ISSN 2349-9419.

Seminar Attended
  1. Abstucted in “The First Indian Symposium of the Protein Socity- Protein Structure & Function” held at IIT, Bombay on 18-20 October, 2002.

(i) P2-20: Expression, Purification and Structural characterization of RecX – a RecA regulatory protein. Proceedings page no. 101.


Subhra Mishra and Amit Kumar Das

(ii) P2-2: Expression, Purification and modelingof  SlpA – a peptide prolylcis-trans isomerase. Proceedings page no. 83.

Subhra Mishra, Amit Luthra and Amit Kumar Das

  1. ACBIR-2014; Organised by Department of Chemistry, NIT, Rourkela, Odisha. Title: Theoretical modeling& high-throughput tool in Protein chemistry
  2. International Conference on Molecular Biology and its application; Organised by Department of Life science & Biotechnology, Jadavpur University. Title Biophysical Characterization of RecX-a RecA regulatory Protein.
  3. National seminar on Frontiers in Chemistry-2014; Department of Chemistry, NBU. Title: Structural analysis of the DNA repair and recombinant protein.
  4. MTSBS-2015; Alipurduar College; Docking-A proteomic tool to identify protein-protein interaction.

6. National seminar on Need and prospect of environmental education-2016: Department of Geography, Alipurduar College; Study of Physico-chemical properties of water bodies in Totopara, West Bengal.

Invited Lecture  Surya SenMahavidyalaya, Siliguri (09.12.16)
Book or Chapter Published Book Published: Five

(1) Title: Theoretical modeling& high-throughput docking.

Publisher: Scholars’ Press

ISBN-10: 3639701917; ISBN-13: 978-3639701913

(2) Title: TribarshikJaiboRasayan (Aug,2017)

Publisher: Santra Publication

ISBN: 978-93-86911-01-8

(3) Title: SnatakRasayan (Semester I) (July, 2018)

Publisher: Santra Publication,

ISBN: 978-93-86911-22-3

(4) Title: SnatakRasayan (Semester II) (Jan,2019)

Publisher: Santra Publication,

ISBN: 978-93-86911-47-6

(5) Title: SnatakRasayan (Semester III) (Jul 2019)

Publisher: Santra Publication,

ISBN: 978-93-86911-65-0

Books In Press:

SnatakRasayan (Semester IV)& Bioorganic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Membership A senior member of Asia Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering society.
Book Edited 01, Modern Trends in Social and Basic Science
Award The undersigned received silver medal in his B.Sc from Vidyasagar University.
Extra Curriculum Have proficiency in playing Tabla and participated Youth Festival at Kalyani University, ViswaBharati, and Calicut University, Kerala during 1998, 1999 for zonal, state and national level competition.